Chef and food author Sophia Lindop, of Lebanese descent, was born on a farm in South Africa. Today she and her husband, Paddy, live in the breathtakingly beautiful city of Cape Town, ensconced between the majestic Table Mountain and the ocean.

About Sophia

I grew up on an irrigation farm near a small village called Douglas, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. My father was of Lebanese descent, and my mother, born into an Afrikaans family, hailed from Cape Town. Being the only daughter in a Lebanese household involved certain expectations – happily, at the age of five I began to show a keen interest in cooking, an interest fostered by all around me.

All the women in my family were skilled and enthusiastic cooks, but the three most prominent culinary influences came from my Lebanese grandmother, my Afrikaans ‘ouma’, and, of course, my mother. My grandmother taught me to use my intuition when cooking. We would sense, smell and feel our way through the kitchen, and to this day that approach influences my cooking.

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Cookery Classes

Hands-on interactive cookery classes are hosted from the comfort of my home kitchen in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. Saturday mornings start with a snack and a cup of coffee before we get busy preparing our lunch together.

I also teach in other venues around the country – stay tuned via Instagram or my newsletter (sign up here) for updates. You can also show some love by gifting someone a voucher to a cookery class.

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