Buy Both eCookbooks for only R250

Purchase BOTH eCookbooks for only R250

eBook A Handful of Earth – a plant-based book that was inspired by an urge she had during lockdown to return to her farming roots and get her hands dirty. She found an allotment not far from her home, a safe space where she could go, free of a mask, to dig in the soil and tend her vegetables. The bounty that comes from this tiny plot of land has inspired her to write this book. It is now finally here for you to download and use. Available as PDF & ePub Download

eCookbook At My Wheat’s End – Her second eCookbook focusses on gluten-free eating. There has been a rise in cases of diseases such as Hashimoto’s, where gluten needs to be eliminated from the diet, and, on a less serious scale, gluten intolerance around the world in recent years. Moreover, people are trying to consume a low-carb diet to help fight obesity and encourage a general feeling of wellness. This book is filled with 18 delectable recipes to inspire a zero gluten diet and send a strong message to the reader – it is actually possible to eliminate gluten without giving up the pleasure of the enjoyment of food! Available as PDF & ePub Download


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