French 31 August

French Provincial

French Provincial cooking, in particular the food of Provence and southern France, has intrigued me since I first read ‘A Year in Provence’. I’m inspired by the precision, the presentation and the ingredient knowledge that seems the birthright of every citizen of this food-obsessed country. Whenever we visit, no matter where we are – in a tiny village, down a forgotten alley – someone is preparing something impossibly delicious to eat. Wander with me into the France of my memory and let’s cook and explore this cuisine together.
31 Aug 2024

Sophia's Kitchen, Cape Town

Spoil yourself! Spend a day with me in the comfort of my home kitchen in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. Saturday mornings start with a snack and a cup of coffee before we get busy preparing our lunch together.

My hands-on, interactive classes are designed to give you the confidence to recreate impressive meals at home while enjoying some time away from the daily grind. Come and have some fun in the kitchen with me, a space that reflects who I am and where I feel most at home.


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