Spring Tour 2021

This time of year Lebanon is warming up and the mountains are covered in fragrant spring flowers. The country is coming out of hibernation after the winter snow and getting ready to welcome tourists to see, taste and experience Lebanon.

10% discount for couples booking (contact us for more info). To read more and see an example of the itinerary, click here.

Date: 31st May to 7th June 2021

Date: 31st May to 7th June 2021

The sights and sounds of Lebanon – the baker with his ka’ak hanging on a rod, ringing his bicycle bell to announce lunch on the bustling corniche; the clanging of the coffee cups inviting everyone to enjoy a quick shot of ahwe (coffee) at the mobile coffee bar outside the souk; the sight of the fruit seller pushing a huge trolley stacked with bananas up the hill; the laughter billowing from lively restaurants late into the night; ancient history and breathtaking natural beauty; world-class food and wine; and so much more – I am excited to share this captivating and exotic country and its generous, hospitable people with you.

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