Sample Itinerary

Welcome to Lebanon at Rafiq Hariri International airport.

A visit to Our Lady of Harissa with 180° views of the Mediterranean, and then on to Douma in the beautiful mountains above Beirut.

Three days in Douma

  • Cooking in Beit Douma,
  • A visit with Maher and Krystel, owners of Sept Wineries,
  • Time exploring the village,
  • A day visit to Batroûn.

The remainder of our time in Hasroun

  • Our hotel overlooks the majestic Qadisha Valley.
  • From there we will:
    • Cook in the valley with my friend, chef Peter Jabbour,
    • Visit Khalil Gibran’s museum and ancient monasteries in the valley,
    • Have a day in Tripoli, exploring the ancient souks,
    • A walk in Cedars of God to see some of the oldest cedar trees in Lebanon,
    • Amazing meals with local friends,
    • And more…

Back to Beirut for departure in the evening. Lunch at Tawlet or Enab, a walk around the city before departure.

This is an outline, with some surprises along the way. It is quite a full programme, but I make sure that we have times for walks in between and for some leisure time.

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Beirut skyline, Lebanon
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